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Helen Simms brow envy


The people that know me really well are the ones that know just how obsessed I am with eyebrows…. and I mean seriously obsessed! Since I was, I don’t know, I guess, 12, I realised just what a big deal they are in terms of shaping and enhancing your whole face. However, unfortunately, at that age, I got hold of my Mother’s tweezers, armed with magazine pictures of popstars and actresses and just started to pluck. Ooops! Needless to say, I over plucked! My eyebrows were too short in length (I did not adhere to the old rule of holding a pencil at the side of my nose and lining it up with the edge of my eye to show the place at which my eyebrows should stop), generally over-plucked and uneven (not helped by the fact that in my teenage years I would constantly raise one eyebrow, largely because most of my friends couldn’t).

I have been paying for these early mistakes ever since and I’m sure I’m not alone. I even remember one girl at my school decided to shave (yes, shave!) her eyebrows. Gah!! Oh, how I long for big, beautiful Audrey Hepburn-esque brows!

Anyway, just over a year ago I discovered a new phenomenon known as HD Brows. It’s a 7 step process in which they do all kinds of things to your brows – including threading, dying, waxing etc. and after the year, I must say I can see a huge difference. The downside is that it’s quite pricey – (£35 a pop!) and that they recommend you completely leave your brows alone between your 6 weekly visits, which is very hard for someone as obsessed as myself : )

Anyone else got any good brow recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Brow Envy

  1. Loving the blog. I so share your eyebrow obsession, I’m sure we’ve gabbled about this together before. As a student again ill have to stop paying for waxing&dye and start the pluck and pencil again :( boooo. But I gotta say noooooo to HD eyebrows! Really? Isn’t that the look the Scousewives are wearing?x

  2. Ha! Laura, I should have added a disclaimer. Always ask for a more natural look when getting HD, otherwise you may leave the salon looking like a scousewife!

  3. Tried it twice. Never again. I’ve had 2 kids, one w/ an epidural and one wihotut. It is ridiculously painful. I prefer my short term reaction to wax. but mostly, it’s UNSANITARY. Just after I finished up my second time, I watch and realized the person doing the work had the thread IN THEIR MOUTH. You BLEED a small amount with hair removal, and now their SALIVA is in your WOUNDS. Think about it, gross. There are lots of nasty diseases that can be spread from saliva to blood. So no, I was done. If I had more time, I would take the time to lobby the health department to have it shut down, or at least have large signs to let you know that a stranger’s spit will be on your face near your EYES (also highly susceptible to infection, which could even lead to loss of vision). Have fun!

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