Lyn Ashworth Commission – Frosted Champagne

I was recently asked by Sarah Barrett, the head designer of the gorgeous designer wedding dress label Lyn Ashworth, to create some illustrations for her 2014 collection. I wore a Lyn Ashworth dress on my own wedding day so I was just a tiny but excited to be asked to illustrate this collection! When I saw the dresses I was not disappointed! Sarah has kept to the overall feel of the Lyn Ashworth brand, yet at the same time has injected her own take on couture bridal wear. It is, quite simply, drool worthy and the 2014 collection will be available in stores soon, but for now, you can check out this year’s collection on her website:

P.S This one is called Frosted Champagne and was more than a pleasure to draw!


Helen Simms_Lyn Ashworth Frosted Champagne