Tis the Season to go Shopping!

I recently had a conversation with a very good friend of mine who absolutely adores Christmas (let’s call her Lady P). Seriously, she is the person who gets excited in October when they start to put Christmas decorations out in department stores, or when the temperature drops ever so slightly  …. “you know what this means, we’re coming up to the festive season!” Great!

No, but really, I also enjoy the holiday season. It’s something cheerful to look forward to in the depths of winter and it’s always lovely to have a break and get together with loved ones. I’m very lucky!

But when my Christmas loving friend and I were trying to arrange to meet up soon she excitedly suggested the idea of going Christmas shopping together.

In Central London? Really?! I couldn’t think of anything worse! I’m all for festivities but seriously I would end up having a panic attack surrounded by that many people, not to mention all the stress of having to fight my way around the stores. We arranged to meet up for some mulled wine and mince pies instead but Lady P was truly gobsmacked when I told her that I do most of my Christmas shopping online. She’s younger than me and yet she still said that she was wary of shopping online. I couldn’t believe it. I thought everyone shopped online these days. I mean I can see the benefit of seeing some things in person – like clothes for example, nothing beats being able to feel a fabric or being able to try something on to see how it fits. But with most other things, or even if you are certain of your size in a certain label, I always think it’s easier to just buy online. You can quickly compare prices in order to get the best deal and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Am I on my own here? Any tips for shopping at this time of year? I’d love to hear what you think xx


2 thoughts on “Tis the Season to go Shopping!

  1. I’m with you! The thought of actual Christmas shopping fills me with rage. The Milton Keynes shopping centre is commonly full of “moochers” and over dressed teenagers that have nothing to buy but enjoy just hanging about near shops feeding there consumer addictions. At Christmas you add another type of shopper to the mix. One like myself who actively dislikes shopping and is therefore in a permanent huff from the moment you arrive. I could probably deal with the crowds and the tropical heating settings apparent in most shops if I thought I was getting a good deal. The sad fact though is that you typically pay 25% more and have less choice in an actual shop. Plus you have to rely on seasonal shop staff that have no answers to your questions and no clue on how to work a till. It’s also nice to have a plethora or reviews online to help you buy something worth it’s salt.

    I share my attitude to shopping with the majority of my family and we pretty much all now have an Amazon Wishlist and refer to the man in the red suit as Father Amazon.

  2. I always love Christmas and all the derotacions. My husband is the one who gets super excited about it though and hauls all those bins down from the attic and up from the basement even before Thanksgiving. It always brings back fond childhood memories when I hear certain songs on the radio. Great time of the year!

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